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I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for setting us up for an amazing meeting. The meeting was a huge success (the best meeting ever is what I am hearing…but I am partial!) and the first day did set the tone. Everyone on Monday night was asking me if you had a teleprompter since you were right on with the messages that we wanted our reps to hear. If you decide to go into biotech sales let me know!
Thank you.

- Paule Garon

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Leaving a lasting impression with audiences

The Austin Human Resource Management Association had the pleasure of showcasing “The Drum Café” for the keynote address at our 2011 Annual Conference, HR Palooza.
The Drum Café was a breath of fresh air when you consider Key note addresses.  Our attendees were not only entertained, they were engaged, and were able to participate throughout the performance.  Mr. Monnin researched our Chapter, gathered information about our history and our members, and “Tailor Made” the presentation specifically for our membership.
I would highly recommend The Drum Café for your upcoming events.

Wendy Chance, CTS
2011 President
Austin Human Resource Management Association

On behalf of ATPE I wanted to personally say thank you for being a part of our first-ever ATPE Summit.  Drum Café was the PERFECT way to close out our event.  Our members have been saying so many wonderful things about their experience. Please share our many thanks with your talented group!

Andrea Davis

Thank you so much for inviting us to the Drum Café performance. Quite honestly, we were  very impressed. The energy and excitement that you all created was evident in all the smiling faces in the audience. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Lori & Marisa
Austin CVB

From my standpoint, the drum café and boomwhacker piece went off perfect, just as I had visualized it.  You did a phenomenal job in getting everyone to participate. 

Everyone I talked to was amazed at how you were able to do that.  I know that your part was a new and different twist to what you normally do, and we are so thankful that you were willing to be flexible and make it work, and within the 12 minutes.  It was awesome to see all the participants working together like that.  We thought we might get 50% to cooperate, but I would say we got 100%.  I was back near the sound tables and so was about 200 feet from the stage.  I was able to turn around and watch every section, and they were ALL participating. 

The response has been overwhelming that it was the perfect ending to the week.  We nailed the theme and your message of each color being a mode of communication was understood and the metaphor was understood.

I hope you got to see the end of the event before you had to leave, with the streamers, the pyro and the Jesus figure in the rafters.  Then more songs by the band were filled with everyone spontaneously using the boomwhackers to make more music.  It was an explosion of celebration at the end, kids running up and down the aisles with streamers, boomwhackers and singing.

Thanks and God Bless,

John Busch,Program Director
Missouri Synod Triennial Youth Program
Attendance: 22,000 young adults and adults
Mercedes-Benz Dome,
New Orleans, LA

My client loved The Drum Cafe!  Your team was amazing!  For a group that I was told, were very conservative and might have trouble “getting into it”,  they certainly could have fooled me.  They were totally interactive, and had so much fun.  Please thank your team for providing such a great experience.  My client was thrilled!

Pat Hart
Director of National Sales
The RK Group

I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing keynote on Thursday. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from attendees. You and your group have left a lasting impression to motivate and celebrate learning with the elementary principals of Texas. I’m grateful you were able to weave in so much relevant information about our organization and create such a strong sense of community. There was a joy spread throughout the conference after your session that left us all smiling…I still feel the glow. Thank you for making me look like the hero as the person who wanted you to come. If I can ever be a reference or assistance to you and drum café please let me know. I wish you a wonderful summer with joy and success at your fingertips. TRULY AMAZING!!!THANK YOU!!!

Kirsten Hund   |  Director of Programs
Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association
Austin, TX 

Thank you very much. Your program was wonderful and very engaging. Just what the group needed. I’ve heard nothing but praise this morning.  We will definitely continue to recommend the program to others!

Rebecca Burdette
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

The Drum Café contributed significantly to the success of our opening events – thank you again for the exceptional performances!

Chris Jordan
SeaWorld San Antonio

Thank you for all the energy you and your guys brought to the event. It was very well received by the participants and Peggy. As always, you guys delivered as promised! I also look forward to working with you again in the future. All the best and safe travels!

Christy Dillard
Shell Oil Supply Chain