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...I just wanted to say thanks again for working with our Leadership Workshop...Our people just cant stop talking about what a great time they had, and it’s no wonder ~ Your team creates such an energy and really stimulates our minds judging from the reaction of everybody in the room....It’s just a really unique, high-quality, and beautiful thing to participate in.  Please accept my strongest gratitude for your efforts to make our Workshop successful...!

- Janet Hammill
The Sadara Project

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MINI GIFT DRUM with custom Logo

This replica of the large drum played during their Drum Café experience is our most popular item and serves as a wonderful keepsake! At just 6 inches tall, it fits nicely on a desktop and is carried home easily in a computer bag or large purse.
“Play for Keeps” LARGE DRUM

Purchase a large djembe drum for each attendee to play and then take home! Many of our clients get ‘attached’ to their drum during the event and are thrilled to find that they can take it home afterwards!

AUDIO CD - “Mama”

The “Mama” CD is the original compilation CD from our very first team of Drum Café musicians out of Johannesburg, South Africa.
AUDIO CD - “Drum Cafe To Go”

An inspirational collection of African rhythms and poetry that motivates, inspires, and brings you right back to your Drum Café experience from the very first drumbeat!

TEE SHIRT (With or Without custom Logo)

Feel the beat everyday in your 100% cotton Drum Café t-shirt.

From head to toe, hot or cold, Drum Café has you covered!

KEYCHAIN SHAKER (With or Without custom Logo)

Carry your Drum Café experience everywhere you go and keep a percussive instrument on hand, literally, whenever the urge to ‘shake’ grabs you!

PAIR OF DRUMSTICKS with custom Logo

Walk around like the pros with your very own set of customized Drum Sticks – available as giveaways or as tools used for the Program itself because... you ROCK!