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Thank you once again for the wonderful program.  As I stated before, I think this is the best program I have scheduled in my 9 yrs as a principal.   My staff is pumped and ready to go.   Do you guys have a 2nd year program?   I'm already thinking of next year.

Darrell Alexander,
Manvel High School,
Alvin ISD

Team Bonding Activities | drum cafe texas |Team Building Texas | Team Building Louisiana

“Drumming is something everyone, and every culture can relate to. The first thing you hear when you come into this world is the beat of your mother’s heartbeat. Drumming relaxes, energizes and motivates in a way most team building companies cannot explain.”

— Warren Liebermann, founder of the Drum Café

Fun team building activities with roots in South African history
The Drum Café was founded in 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a tool for bringing together the country’s diverse and divided post-Apartheid peoples. It started when Warren Lieberman opened an actual café where drumming was used in a relaxed environment to break down barriers and inspire patrons. But the interactive drumming activities grew into something bigger — something global. Music is a universal language — there’s rhythm in all of us ­— that allows us to communicate, work together and experience a common sense of belonging. Through music, we learn to be receptive and creative at the same time.

The methods of Drum Café are effective because, like a business, music requires communication and teamwork to reach its potential. As we all drum together, every member of our audience feels like a part of something bigger — while simultaneously gaining a better understanding his or her individual role. The most significant lesson Drum Café teaches audiences is that we all succeed — or fail — together.

Team bonding activities and entertainment from the world´s top drummers
Nearly two decades later, Drum Café has educated, inspired and united schoolchildren, workforces and even Fortune 500 executives through motivational techniques and interactive drumming — including
in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the surrounding region, courtesy of Drum Café South. 

Drum Café South treats the Southern U.S. to a unique and sensational show
Team Bonding Activities | fun team building activities |Team Building Texas | Team Building Louisiana
Dale Monnin and his Drum Café South team bring experience and an exciting personal touch to each and every program. Whether your audience is corporate or kindergarten, Drum Café South has been putting on an exciting, inspirational and powerful show for more than 10 years. Click here to read more about Dale and his team.

Drumming for dignitaries, celebrities and you
Drum Café has worked with and for politicians including Nelson Mandela, George Bush and Bill Clinton; musicians like Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel; and celebrities such as actress Nicole Kidman and media mogul Richard Branson. Click here to read more about our worldwide efforts to entertain and inspire.