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The Drum Cafe Partners up with Sea World!

Drum Cafe was honored to partner up with Sea World this month for the Wild Day's Festival. It has been especially exciting to help the park celebrate it's twenty-fifth anniversary season with the return of wildlife expert and TV personality Jack Hanna back to the park. Every weekend in February, the Drum Cafe team has been boosting the excitement around Sea World by providing interactive drumming opportunities for kids.

On the 9th and 10th Sea World featured "Sea World Live!" with Chuck Cureau and animal ambassador Julia Scardina for animal presentations in a talk show format.

February 16th-18th brought "Wild Days: Amazing Animals," a show that features exotic animals such as lemurs, alligators, snakes, and porcupines. 

Lastly, from the 23rd-24th, Sea World put on "Wild Days: Flying High,” which featured a number of beautiful specimens form the Last Chance Forever birds conservancy.

Posted by Sarah Wigginton on 25th February, 2013 | Comments | Trackbacks
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