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Leaving a lasting impression with audiences
"Just had to write you this note to thank you for the motivational 'experience' that Drum Café added to our 2014 employee kickoff. After watching the videos and looking at your website (and being a drummer), I had some expectation of what the event would entail. But there were some who were skeptical. Let's face it. There are some that would look at what you provide and feel that it would be 'hokey' or 'dumb'. Far from it. We are a high tech company and have quite a few musicians. Some that have played professionally. You not only went way past my expectations, you did several things that made the program pop for us.

One, you listened. You took the key elements that we were trying to communicate and wove those throughout your program, but in an artful way that didn't sound like they were 'placed', just a natural extension. As a professional speaker, I know how hard that is to get right.

Second, your program was high energy and fun (always a plus!).

Third, there was no pressure for everyone to participate. Those that didn't drum, didn't feel bad or wrong (although I noticed that very few didn't participate).

At the end of the program, when you had all of the groups in synchronization, and we were really going at it, you could see our whole company on the same page. The CEO was right next to a receptionist, both banging away on a drum in time, both adding to the beat, both a part one overall group. You should be very proud of your group's efforts to inspire companies like ours. I suspect you never have a dull or boring day! Feel free to pass this information on to any that may want a reference on your program. You may also give my name out as a reference to anyone considering your program. I have already passed your information on to two entities that are planning fall conferences. I will beat the drum for you guys, it's that impressive!"

David L. Peterson
Executive Consultant
Q2 eBanking
Austin, Texas

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