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Here's what they wrote, " Ordinarily, “beating” and “striking” would be the last things you’d suggest to a frustrated teenager, but that’s what is happening inside the Avita Community Partners Clubhouse in Gainesville.

Where some may have been prone to lashing out at others in the past, the Avita clubhouse members are being asked to beat, strike and hit drums to help get their point across.

“All of the kids who come to us have had some kind of substance abuse issues. We do a variety of activities and things to help them try something new,” said Kevin L. Young, Avita program director."

Read more at The Gainesville Times

Read more about programs that Drum Cafe South offers schools.

Posted by Dale Monnin on 18th July, 2012 | Comments | Trackbacks

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We are about interactive drumming activities. Music is a universal language — there’s rhythm in all of us ­— that allows us to communicate, work together and experience a common sense of belonging. Through music, we learn to be receptive and creative at the same time.


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