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"...I just wanted to say thanks again for working with our Leadership Workshop...Our people just cant stop talking about what a great time they had, and it's no wonder ~ Your team creates such an energy and really stimulates our minds judging from the reaction of everybody in the room....It's just a really unique, high-quality, and beautiful thing to participate in.  Please accept my strongest gratitude for your efforts to make our Workshop successful...!

Janet Hammill,
Organizational Effectiveness Lead and Six Sigma MBB,
The Sadara Project for Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Company

Drum Café South offers entertainment, training, team building and team bonding activities through corporate drumming events
Team Bonding Activities | corporate team building exercises |Team Building Texas | Team Building Louisiana

Team Bonding Activities | activity team building |Team Building Texas | Team Building Louisiana

Team Bonding Activities | interactive drums |Team Building Texas | Team Building Louisiana

Interactive drumming and activity team building for any group

Drum Café isn’t a coffee shop or a restaurant. In fact, it’s not even a place — it’s an experience. We travel the Southwest, educating, motivating and entertaining. Teaching harmony and inspiring people to transcend the barriers that divide us through music. With a huge selection of team building programs, there’s something for everyone.
So invigorating, your corporate team, school or non profit group will leave wanting more

No matter the size of your event or which team bonding activities and interactive drumming program you choose, executives, employees and students always leave with plenty to smile about and even more to think about. Don’t be surprised if they beg you to invite us back! Click here for more team building and corporate drumming programs.
Our corporate drumming events and hands on team building activities fit any budget
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